For over a decade, AMS Kitchens has been providing clients with the best service, making sure all who seek our expertise leave with receiving all we have to offer, and more. Our company started as a small workspace, and over time, became a stepping stone for aspiring carpenters to pursue their cabinetry and millwork passions. The founders built their company from scratch, hoping to establish a reputation for themselves based on hard work, integrity, creativity, excellence, and loyalty. After years of honest work and dedication, our company has rightfully created a name for itself in the Kitchen and Cabinet work industry. At AMS Kitchens, we have constructed more than just a company, we have built a family



AMS Kitchens maintains strong relationships with all our workers, making sure that they are healthy, happy, and above all, safe. We believe that employees working conditions greatly affect their work efficiency and that employees who are happy and content work safer and more productively. We also believe that creating strong and healthy relationships between suppliers, customers, and employees makes a business thrive.


In our community, AMS Kitchens is a valued and respected business. We usually buy from locally sourced and manufactured supplies to assist other businesses around us to succeed, not only our own business. We know that in order to make our company prosper, we need to support our surrounding business too. By supporting our local businesses and manufacturers, we provide better opportunities for them to grow and flourish. AMS Kitchens supports small businesses!

The Company

After operating for over a decade, AMS Kitchens has created its own unique kitchen styles and designs to fit the needs of our valued customers. We use various cabinetry textures and styles, along with unique and complementing countertop picks to create a flow in your kitchen. Our company also provides expertise and information about different kitchen, cabinetry, and millwork designs to customers looking for some inspiration or counsel while deciding what their style is, and what will fit best for them and their kitchen.


Our vision is to provide beautiful, ravishing, and timeless kitchens to all our customers and to make sure our employees are taken care of and happy. A companies growth and success depends on all their employee’s work and expertise.


To find the perfect kitchen design, we use the companies expertise in kitchens, cabinetry, and millwork, and the client’s personal wants and needs. During the process, both sides work together in harmony to create a picture-perfect kitchen that the client aspires to have, and our company seeks to build, install, and create.

Commitment To Quality

AMS Kitchens is committed to serving our clients and taking good care of our employees. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that both employees and clients are happy with the job done. We complete our job with integrity, and our main goal is to provide customers with striking, comfortable, and communal kitchens, along with our small charming touches that complete the entire project.


AMS Kitchens manufacturing and installation process is done according to the wants and needs of clients, and they are done with care. Our cutting-edge quality products are created and built with high levels of precision, attention, and care that flow in perfect harmony and function for your home.

why us

At AMS Kitchens, we value and respect our customers, and thrive to create and deliver them the best kitchen they could ever dream of.

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